2017 Design Trends

Are you following these design trends?

We are well into 2017 now and we have been watching design trends daily. There is always going to be something new and different but these trends we have found are a true staple of design in 2017.


Although marble has been used for years in classic design that doesn’t mean its old fashioned. Marble can be used in a multitude of spaces due to its characteristics and versatility. This trend will continue to dominate for its modern sophisticated look.

Satin brass

Satin brass is one of our favorites since the brushed metal adds a pop of color without being too shiny. It’s the perfect accent for cabinet hardware or faucets.


Photo: Home Bunch

Subway Tiles

The tried and true use of subway tiles makes its way back to the forefront this year. They are sleek and classic giving you that clean sophisticated look.


Photo: Inside Out

Natural Tones

This year Pantone announced greenery as the color of the year. That being said a huge trend is using natural tones in your space. It not only adds a great pop of subtle color but also brings nature indoors.


Photo: Keroiam


The use of texture can be a fun and different way to add style to any room. Mixing and matching textures give you a very put together feel that not only is pleasing on the eye but to the sense of touch as well.

Eccentric Lighting

Lighting is like an accessory for your home. Using fun and quirky lighting can really showcase your style and give your space a unique look that stands out.


Interior design is forever changing but following these design trends will help you to make sure you are on the right track. Want some more interior design insight or chat to about your next project? Contact us today!

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