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We love our clients and hearing about their take on the process makes what we do that much more worth it. Recently we had the pleasure of taking on Carolyn Williams’ kitchen and powder room remodel. Robyn, of Room Workshop, sat down with Carolyn to get her take on her recently renovated space.

Carolyn's kitchen before the Room Workshop Process

Carolyn’s kitchen before the Room Workshop process.


Carolyn’s kitchen after the Room Workshop process.


We love how this kitchen turned out!


This is Carolyn Williams

“After talking with Carolyn about her new Kitchen, she stated that they love the look and feel of their new space, and how the Kitchen, Powder Room and Laundry Room function so much better than before. They spend much more time gathering as a family and eating in the Kitchen, where as before they were in their Dining Room, and they love the view out their new expansive window at the sink. It is the heart of their home.”

– Robyn Scott (Room Workshop)

What did you like best about the Room Workshop’s online interior design experience?

I loved working with Robyn and her team with Room Workshop. I especially liked getting 2 design schemes that were priced out so we could mix and match what we liked best. It gave us options and flexibility. I also liked that the suggestions were in our budget, affordable and had easy access to the website links for us to purchase.

If you were to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

We were very happy with the design process and the results and would not have done it differently.

Did you feel the timeline of Room Workshop met your expectations? (Each step in the process? Overall?)


Do you feel that the Room Workshop designs reflect your personality/style accurately?

Yes, Robyn was very attentive to our vision. We were able to identify the looks we had also liked on Houzz, which helped the communication of our vision.

Did Room Workshop help in your decision-making process?

Yes. We were provided two clear schemes that we could also mix and match as needed. My husband and I did not need to negotiate because it was all laid out before us.

Do you feel more in touch with what your interior design style/aesthetic is after the process?

Robyn helped us pull our ideas together so we had a clearly defined “look” and aesthetic for the future of our home.

Does your Room Workshop designed space feel “livable”?

Absolutely. Not only is it more beautiful, everything is much easier to use.

Does it suit your personality, lifestyle?

Yes, and it also seemed to match the existing house- it works with our house.

Did it meet your budget?



“We find that we are a great third party to the couples we work with to avoid conflict and help with making decisions.”

– Robyn Scott (Room Workshop)

We absolutely love the way Carolyn’s kitchen turned out. Room Workshop makes the process of designing the space of your dreams easy and affordable. Contact us today and let us take your room to the next level!

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