Featured Designer: Aspen Artists

The art that goes on the walls of our homes is a true expression of who we are. It can transform your space in a matter of seconds making it truly something special. We work closely with artists in the Roaring Fork Valley, and beyond, to bring you pieces that we know will match your style, personality and home. Below you will find some of our absolute favorites from three of Colorado’s finest galleries.

Ann Korologos Gallery

The Ann Korologos Gallery, in Basalt Colorado, has specialized in Western art and artists for over 20 years. They understand the varying nature of the west making their gallery truly unique and beautiful.

Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor, “Alkalai,” oil on linen, 25 x 33 inches

Andy Taylor has lived in western Colorado for 40 years and is constantly inspired by his surroundings. He is known for his stylistic landscapes.

His Words:
“Canyons, rivers, mountain, plains, arroyos… it’s all within a short drive. Often, I’ll be taken by a roadside scene, something I see on the way to a destination. I might set out for Moab or Bluff with a purpose or place in mind, and the drawings along the way frequently become paintings.”


Michael Kessler


“Runnel,” Acrylic on Wood, 60″ x 80″

Michael Kessler is an award winning artist from Hanover, PA. His work has a very unique style that draws inspiration from the intricacies of nature. Each piece has a way of telling a story. Kessler’s work has been exhibited all over the US and abroad.


Terry Gardner


“Two Riders At Daybreak,” Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 24″

Terry Gardner mysterious and contemplative paintings depict the intimate corners of the American West. His masterful technique showcases his intimate relationship with the land and life of the West.


Forré & Co. Fine Art Gallery

Forré sells a variety of fun, playful fine art out of two locations in Aspen and Vail. Featured artists tend to fall into the pop art or modern art designation, with notables such as Banksy, Takashi Murakami, and Andy Warhol.


Barbara Sorensen


Dwellings Installation, Aluminum 10.5′ x 30′ x 50′

Barbara Sorensen crafts abstract structures from aluminum. These brightly colored sculptures fill space in a dynamic, active way.

Allison Stewart



“Dwellings Installation, Aluminum, 10.5′ x 30′ x 50′”

New Orleans artist Allison Stewart expresses the complex and disturbing dialogue between man and nature in her paintings, the style of which falls somewhere between realism and abstraction. She uses layers of color, light, form, and texture to address issues of beauty, loss, time, and transformation.

Kris Cox

Kris Cox

“Post Concentric Series YELLOW, 84 x 84 inches”

Kris Cox lives and works in a studio/residence he built in Basalt, CO. His pieces have a great sense of “objectness”; whether 3-D or 2-D. Cox creates with mixed media such as pigmented wood putties, cast patinated lead, digital printing on Mylar, and cast pigmented beeswax.


Walker Fine Art

Located four blocks from the Denver Art Museum, Walker Fine Art is an innovative, contemporary gallery featuring beautifully original pieces. They are known for their large variety of award-winning artists from across the world.

Morgan Robinson


“Curves 8, powder coated steel, 80×30”

Morgan Robinson’s work follows the indigenous bends in pieces of nature. Her sculptures, chairs, and other pieces play with refracted light and shadows, and both macro and micro elements of detail. Her work is intended to capture beauty and meaning, and evoke attraction from a vast array of perspectives.


Heather Patterson


“Vivacity, 23 x 28, mixed media on paper”

Heather Patterson creates fantastical abstract landscapes, often evocative of both cities and nature. A combination of geometric shapes, organic forms, neutrals, and brights makes each artwork a striking study in contrast.


Katrin Moller

Katrin Moller

“There is No Time–But There is Day and Night, Oil on canvas, 60″ x 84″”

Katrin Möller’s paintings reveal the organic rhythms of life, much like the highly refined cellular structures underlying the chaos and entropy of nature. These paintings resemble memories, after-images, and scientific close-ups of plant life, water flow, and energy movement. A calm space of examination and inquiry is created through Möller’s attentive eye.



Andi Lee

“Candle Holders”

Andi-Le is known for usable art pieces. Talk about where form meets function! These beautiful accent pieces of furniture are an aesthetic all their own that can be incorporated into any space. Robyn recently used a piece by Andy Taylor on a project in Woody Creek, CO.


It is truly amazing what these fantastic artists can do. Their sheer talent will withstand the test of time. We hope you found this helpful and enticing. If you are looking to spruce up your home with a beautiful piece of art feel free to contact us and we will be sure to find the right fit for you!

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