Find Yourself At Ease in Your Home with These Interior Decorating Tips

Designing your home should be effortless – that’s why Pantone Home Palettes 2017 brings you At Ease. The perfectly paired neutrals add attitude to elegance for a palette that brings sophistication to any space.

Images: Homedit, Pinterest, and Rated People

Retro Kitchen
Who said refinement can’t have edge? Play with the brighter shades for a kitchen that balances relaxation with vibrance. Go daring with cabinets in Orchid Haze, or brighten neutral taupe drawers with a Sea Angel aqua backsplash. Finish off the look with a neutral kitchen table and Zen Blue Eames chairs for a touch of retro elegance.

Image: Robyn Scott Interiors

Modern Living Room
It’s the heart of any dinner party, and the first thing we jump to when choosing a style – so why is the living room so tricky to get just right? Let At Ease soothe your design worries by balancing textured neutrals for an effortless evening room. Leather couches and dark wood shelving add a rustic vintage feel, while an olive rug and matching cushions lend sophisticated color. A few potted plants, and you’ve got a living room that’s the life of the party.

Images: Hannah Blackmore Photography

Romantic Bedroom
What better place for relaxation than the comfort of your own bed? Pastels reign for a delicate, romantic style in the bedroom. Orchid Haze bedding and taupe pillows create a gentle atmosphere, while Sea Angel accents add colorful balance. Contrast the pastels with with a dark wood headboard or side table, creating just a touch of edge to romantic style.

Image: Robyn Scott Interiors

Natural Bathroom
Soak your troubles away with the help of Pantone Home Palettes 2017. The perfect bathroom should be clean, bright, and relaxing – everything At Ease creates. Make the bathtub the focus with a vintage clawfoot tub, inspiring a natural, minimalist feel. Accent using aqua linens, and finish with a Warm Sand woven bathmat. Add a hanging plant or tea light holder to complete ultimate relaxation with the perfectly situated bubblebath.

Images: Adore Magazine, Lonny, and Hannah Blackmore Photography

Elegant Dining Room
The core of At Ease is natural sophistication – an effortless elegance perfect for the return of the formal dining room. Bring back the excitement of dinner parties with a grand wood dining set, and go daring with a Warm Sand glittering chandelier. Add color to your table with Zen Blue dish ware, and bring the inspiration of Orchid Haze to life with a delicate floral centrepiece. The returning trend of fine dining rooms gives you liberty to create your most grand vision, so hold nothing back with the elegant neutrals of an At Ease dining room.

Images: Honestly WTF and Planete Deco

Timeless Pieces
Still looking for the last perfect touch? Play with a few surprising pieces that can fit any room and style. A delicate olive throw can complement the modern living room, or spice up a romantic bedroom. Warm Sand accent lighting livens up any space, while a set of creative retro Zen Blue chairs can add attitude to a kitchen, dining room, or patio. Choose a few moveable pieces that fit your palette, and experiment with re-arranging to keep your home feeling fresh, new, and always At Ease.

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