Florabundant Opens the Way to Lavish and Lush Home Decor

Bright is back, baby, and nothing says glamour like the new Florabundant palette from Pantone Home Palettes 2017.  One of the boldest palettes of the year, Florabundant is not for the faint of heart – while using colors as extravagant as these can be daunting at first, these design tips help you accent with deep florals and vibrant hues for design that pops with personality and style.

Exteriors with Attitude

The exterior of your home is the face you present to the world, your big first impression – so why is it so often an afterthought? While tasteful, the classic beige, cream, and taupe of the past just don’t hold up in today’s exterior design. Save your home from getting lost in a sea of reserved neutrals by adding a pop of color with vibrant doors in Red Dhalia or Baton Rouge, or frame your home with a trim in sunny Chrysanthemum for an outside that really stands out.

Vibrant Kitchens

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, so give it the love it deserves with a floral facelift. Bright yellows and oranges keep the room looking clean and fresh, and hints of pink add a warm and inviting atmosphere.With bold color choices coming back into fashion, the kitchen is the ideal room to take design risks. Forego the subtle accents and take a big step – opt for bright cabinets or a vibrant kitchen island, or experiment with colored tiles for a backsplash that says you’re not afraid to show your flavor.

57526686 - interior of a small red kitchen with fitted kitchenette (3d rendering)

Light and Color

Florabundant sets itself apart from other choices in the Pantone Home Palettes 2017 with the addition of a glittering gold hue. The glamorous shade dares you to experiment, so try something new by playing with light in your home. Add a little glitter with a classic chandelier, or go retro with tinted bulbs in floral reds and blues. Changing up lighting can alter the feel of a room with just a simple touch, so feel free to experiment and shake up the mood of your home.

Live Like a Queen

Extravagance has made a dramatic return to home design, and nothing says lavish like rich fabrics. Add some drama to your halls with a rug in the deep greens and blues of Florabundant, or spice up your living room with woven throws in vibrant hues. For those looking to stand out from the crowd, forego the standard paintings and adorn your walls with a tapestry for a truly royal touch.

Gone are the days of dull, reserved shades – Pantones Home Palettes 2017 dare you to take color to the next level. Add a lavish touch to your home with the vibrant reds and greens of Florabundant and show the world that color is queen in 2017.

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