Forest Bathing’s Fallen Leaf Colors Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Fall is here, and along with the chilly weather comes the announcement of the Pantone Home Palettes 2017. The season is everything it promised – scented candles, cozy sweaters, and an inspired color palette from Pantone that brings all the warmth of fall into your home. ‘Forest Bathing’ translates from the Japanese “Shinrin-yoku” – the practice of simply being in the forest to heal and renew. Pantone incorporates the invigorating greens and warm tones of fallen leaves, balancing bright colors with cool neutrals for a contrasting palette that brings nature to every part of your home.

The Warm Palette
The most striking elements of this palette are the warm tones – a pure grape and soft burnt orange. Reminiscent of late fall leaves, they bring a cozy feel into your home that begs you to nestle up with a soft blanket and a good book. This cozy influence makes the warm tones the perfect candidate for your living room or den. Subtle enough to serve as your base color, these can be the main room choice or create a striking accent wall against a more reserved neutral. If you prefer a lighter touch with your trend colors, opt instead to use the warm palette as accessories. A grape bowl or orange fleece throw incorporates those warm fall leaves and adds a cozy touch without the commitment of a full room color upgrade.

The Cool Tones
Green is the heart of Forest Bathing, reflecting the desire for renewal and connection with nature. The naturally clean look of cool tones makes green the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom. These spaces are also ideal for incorporating nature itself – adding a hanging plant purifies the air while adding vibrancy and life to a room. You can even play with your own interpretation of the palette by including natural patterns and textures. Bamboo screens and leaf patterns strengthen the theme of rejuvenation while adding a personal touch to your interior design.

The Soft Neutrals
While less striking than their bright counterparts, the neutrals draw this palette together. They are the base upon which you can build your creativity – gentle, unobtrusive, and perfect for relaxing in quiet spaces. Neutrals have always been the heart of bedroom design, but these set themselves apart by encouraging you to accent with the bolder tones of Forest Bathing. Feature your linens with the warm tones, and highlight furniture with hints of green. Together, the colors of the forest harmonize to bring all the coziness of fall to your room. After all, shirin-yoku is all about healing and relaxation, and what better place for rest than your own comfy bed.

Pantone Home Palettes 2017 are everything you hoped they would be – seasonal, exciting, and the perfect touch to liven up your home. Mix the warm and cool tones of Forest Bathing over a soft, neutral base for interior design that brings the perfect mix of contemporary trends with classic natural influence.


Forest Bathing in Fall Colors


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