High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

The Future is Here!

In the technological world we live in today it’s hard to stay up on the latest trends. From the next generation of toilets to the newest smartphones we are surrounded by latest and greatest every day. There is no reason for this to stop at the kitchen! We have put together some of our favorite high-tech kitchen appliances sure to take your culinary skills to the 21st century.


Wolf Steam Oven

This oven cooks with steam, convection or a combination of the two. This method of cooking leaves your food super juicy while getting that crispy delicious outside. Steam ovens have been used in the world of culinary experts but more recently are being introduced into family kitchens. The Wolf steam oven has a multitude of features including “Gourmet Mode”, simply type in what you are cooking and the oven sensor will determine volume and adjust accordingly to ensure that you get a perfectly cooked meal every time.


Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled Coffeemaker

Have you ever wanted to make coffee without having to get out of bed? Well, now you can with the push of a button on your smartphone. All you have to do is download the Wemo app and you will have the ability to schedule when your coffee will be made.


Gagganeau Table Ventilation

This ventilation system is perfect for kitchen islands and open spaces. It retracts and completely lays flush with the countertop when not is use. Say goodbye to unwanted steam or odors when cooking your favorite dish!


Samsung Family Hub Refridgerator 

This smart fridge is great for a busy family. It includes smartphone integration and cameras that allow you to see inside the fridge so you know what you need from the store without having to make it home first. The large display on the front allows you to post messages, list a calendar of events, check the weather and also display family photos! You can control the temperature from your smartphone. If you know you are coming home from the store with a lot of groceries you can lower the temperature to compensate for the door being open for an extended amount of time. The fridge also lets you stream your favorite music with its built-in speakers.

Technology is making our daily lives easier and more efficient and that shouldn’t stop at the kitchen. We are excited to see what will come next and for now, can’t do without these high-tech kitchen appliances. If you are interested in us helping you integrate these must have’s into your next renovation contact us today!


Hayden Zigurs
[email protected]