Inspiration: Using Black and White for Boldness

The traditional black and white palette has changed a lot over the years, and it’s exciting to see if being used in a variety of rooms, products and textiles. From classic bathroom styles to more sparse Scandinavian design, the black and white motif is seeing something of a resurgence in a modern way.

So when our 13-year-old client, Megan, decided she wanted a more mature bedroom – with an age appropriateness to please her mother too – we immediately thought that a black and white palette with a strong color accent could create a nice design. We would use her favorite color of purple as our strong based color and use the black and white pieces to create a sophisticated appeal.

While Megan’s room is still a work in progress, here are some visuals that might help inspire your own black and white design.
Inspiration: Black and White Boldness | Room Workshop

Want to incorporate some black and white details to your room now? Here are some decor pieces you might consider…

Inspiration: Black and White Boldness | Room Workshop

1. Pendant Lamp | 2. Patterned Blanket | 3. Patterned Love Seat | 4. Mountain Pillow | 5. Striped Pillow | 6. Detailed Desk | 7. Plaid Blanket | 8. Striped Rug | 9. Mirror | 10. Triangle Rug | 11. White Desk

Robyn Scott
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