Make an Impression with Graphic Imprints

No two styles are perfectly alike – and with all the diversity in personality and design, incorporating the latest trends can be tricky. If you’re stuck on how to fit Pantone Home Palettes 2017 into your style, look no further than the vibrant shades of Graphic Imprints. The bright pinks, yellows, and oranges might seem daunting at first, but with a few tricks this versatile palette can be the highlight of any space.


Who said the stars should have all the fun? Bring a little Hollywood into your home with the dramatic flair of Graphic Imprints. A black and white striped sofa or chic black side table gives the room a glam feel, while plush pillows and wall decor in Prism Pink or Orange Popsicle add the perfect splash of color. Finish off the look with a touch of black and white velvet for monochromatic style that would make Audrey Hepburn sigh with envy.


Still looking for a way to fit those Elvis prints into your home? Set the perfect stage with a modern touch on classic retro rooms. Ditch the boring beige for a sofa in Blazing Yellow, or liven up the dining room with a few Dazzling Blue Eames chairs around the dinner table. If you’re looking to really make an impression, play with a black and white houndstooth floor for retro style that’ll have everyone swooning. Thank you, thank you very much.


Blue skies and sunshine – what’s not to love about this palette? Graphic Imprints is all about having fun and letting bold colors take the lead for cheerful style. A clean white desk makes the perfect base for color blocked accessories, so play with everything from bright green clocks to pink desk lamps to bold blue chairs. Bring joy into the kitchen with white cabinets and a colored tile backsplash, for upbeat design that lets your true colors shine through.


We get it – settling on just one style can be tough. With so many influences and options, sometimes the best way to let your personality shine is to mix it up with a variety of trends. Instead of styling an entire room, play with a few statement accessories to incorporate the vibrant shades of Pantone Home Palettes 2017. Woven rugs draw the eye by mixing all the colors of Graphic Imprints, while bright pattered pillows give you a pop of color. Color blocked wall art or a few statement Blazing Yellow barstools let you bring all the fun of the latest trend into your home, and seamlessly blend with every part of your unique style.

While finding the perfect style for your home can be tough, design should be one thing that never feels like a chore. Keep the fun in decorating with new and vibrant shades from Pantone Home Palettes 2017. Perfect with every pattern and personality, Graphic Imprints stands out and reminds you that home is where you can let your colors shine.

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