Mixing Masculine and Feminine Elements in Your Home Decor

The “man cave” is over. Let’s be honest, it’s weird. Stereotypically male and female rooms are disappearing, and even nurseries are opening up to gender neutral style. A balance of masculine and feminine influence in your home makes any guest feel welcome, and just might save you a couple fights about who gets the decorate the room. Here are a few quick fixes to guarantee a space where everyone feels comfortable – so you can get rid of the “man cave” for good.


It’s All About Feel
Okay, so you want a shared space – but where to start? How do you pick a color that’s gender neutral without feeling bland? Here’s an easy tip – forget about color. We know, it’s hard, color is everyone’s go-to for design. Shake things up instead by playing with texture. Communal areas like living rooms and dens are essential for blending masculine and feminine, so focus on major furniture pieces in these areas. A dark leather couch can be softened with quick fixes like silk pillows to create a balanced look no matter the hue. If he gets to choose the couch, try a velvet side chair or divan for a little feminine touch on the side.


Straight Edge
The dreaded bedroom – especially if you share this space with your significant other, it can be one of the hardest spots to agree on a style. One of you loves glittery vanities and lush rugs, while the other tends towards neutrals and simplicity. The balance lies in the lines – curved furniture and details create a more feminine feel, while straight lines and minimalism exude masculinity. Keep bigger pieces like beds simple, and accessorize with ladylike details. Gilded mirrors and plush throws add a softer feel to the room without becoming overwhelming, creating a space where you both feel at rest.


Yin and Yang
Chinese philosophy captures the essence of two opposing forces bringing out the best in each other – and what better place to maximize that productivity than your home office? Blending masculine and feminine decor isn’t just about pleasing everyone, it’s about using the best of both to make your space perfect for you. Start with minimalism – a clear desk and open space creates a working area that makes it easy to focus. Incorporate soft hues and gentle nature patterns for a feminine influence that’s calming and uplifting, blending yin and yang for a workspace that’s perfectly balanced.

Trend Report
Who says your gender neutral home can’t be fashionable? To keep on top of the latest styles, we look to fashion week for inspiration that looks just as good in your living room as it does on the runway. Fall florals make their debut in dramatic reds and deep purples, creating the perfect fabric to incorporate into your living room or bedroom. Balance feminine flowers with the rustic influence of a hunting lodge by incorporating a faux fur rug or throw, for texture quick fixes that are perfect for both of you.


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