Native Instincts Brings the World to your Doorstep

Lavish rugs, vibrant pillows, woven wall hangings – with so many amazing styles in the world, how can we possibly choose just one? Pantone Home Palettes 2017 comes to the rescue with the vibrant tones of Native Instincts. Bringing together soft earth tones with bright pops of color, this unique palette pairs unlikely combinations to bring you a style that’s varied, exotic, and perfect for every taste.

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It’s all about patterns with Pantone Home Palettes 2017. If you just can’t decide between that perfect Oriental jug or that Turkish kilim carpet, Native Instincts brings your eclectic style together with flawless unity. Mix wall hangings in Malachite green and throw pillows in Smoky Orchid, or adorn your floor with vibrant patterned rugs. There’s no such thing as too many accessories for eclectic style, so let your imagination run wild and Native Instincts will fill your space with vibrant creativity.


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You don’t even have to step out your door – the soft earth tones of Native Instincts make it the perfect palette for a rustic, natural style. Keep the focus on the neutrals, and incorporate the spirit of the palette with subtle artifacts. A Himalayan llama rug or Native American pottery piece adds intrigue to your decor, while a stone countertop in Malachite green brings a pop of color while keeping your design grounded in natural materials. For relaxed style that stands apart from the crowd, add in a patterned rug of earth tones and a statement color like Violet quartz for all the rustic comfort of a South American ranch home.

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Who says modern can’t be fun? Ditch the go-to black and white for vibrant chic style with Pantone Home Palettes 2017. The heart of modern design is the statement piece, so let Native Instincts lead the way with bold and bright style stars. Keep it daring with a set of Carmine red Eames chairs, or get a little glittery with a Bright Gold side table. The strong, solid colors keep your style refined, while glittery accents guarantee your home has style that keeps everyone staring.

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Mix and Match
Not ready to settle on just one style? The heart of Native Instincts is mixing – color, pattern, and inspiration come together from all over the world. Choose your favorite antique market artifacts, and play with all the elements of Pantone Home Palettes 2017. A bold color-blocked rug lets you try the bright tones from the palette, while a ceramic dining set or Columbian vase helps you explore the neutral side. Whatever your style, Native Instincts lets you create your most inspired and exotic home.

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