Interior Planning for Home or Office


Reviewing the floor plans and giving space plan recommendations. Giving you an overall plan for the remodel of your home or office space that you can execute in phases knowing that you will have a cohesive look throughout.

Included are items that can be used throughout your home or office: plumbing fixture style, door and cabinet hardware style, light fixture style, floor materials, paint colors, base boards, door style and door hardware, ceiling materials, window style and window trim, interior architectural details, and exterior finish suggestions.

For further development of built-ins, fireplaces, lighting, and various fixed finishes throughout your home please talk to us and we can help you decide on an additional room selection or discuss design at an hourly rate.

Does not include the product specification/shopping list.


$1000 1500 sq. feet and smaller


$2000 1500-2500 -4000 sq. feet 


$3000 2500-4000 sq. feet +


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