Quick Fix: Backsplashes

More than just utility, the backsplash can enhance the tone and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a decorative element that functions as an accent color and texture for the space, while still serving a purpose. So if you are looking to add a bit of design to your walls, consider the following options…

Quick Fix: Backsplashes


It’s an easy surface to clean and keep clean so why not incorporate it into your backsplash design. You can opt for a full sheet of glass or patterned tiles, either way, it’s a sleek background to your kitchen.

Photo sources: Better Homes and Garden, Decorpad, Houzz

Quick Fix: Backsplashes

Patterned Tile

The world is your oyster when it comes to using patterned tiles. Whether you choose to buy pre-designed pieces or arrange your tiles in a unique mosaic of your own, you can really cater to any style with a unique pattern.

Photo sources: Carla Aston, Apartment TherapyDesignMilk 

Quick Fix: Backsplashes

Subway Tile

The subway tile look has made leaps and bounds since it’s left the dingy tunnels of the city subway (where it obviously gets it’s name from). Whether you choose to stay traditional with a white subway pattern, go with a darker grout to make the tile pop, or get a bit dramatic with a colorful or even black tile, the options are endless with this style of backsplash.

Photo sources: The Kitchn, House and Garden, DesignMilk

Quick Fix: Backsplashes


From nailed metal to flat sheets, the metal backsplash look adds a very graphic element to the kitchen. We particularly like the subway style tiling with metallic pieces.

Photo sources: Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, The Front Door

Quick Fix: Backsplashes

Solid Marble

Some may think it’s a bit too ornate (if not pricey), but  solid marble – or granite, travertine, etc – backsplash can get things looking pretty crisp and clean.

Photo sources: Lonny, Style at Home, Smitten Studio


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