Quick Fix: Bedside Lighting

When it comes to bedroom lighting, our rule of thumb is to create an ambiance that is soothing and calming, while still bringing in enough functional light.  The options are endless to achieve the look you like best, so we’ve rounded up some quick ideas to help illuminate your bedroom retreat.

Bedside Lighting | Room Workshop

Hanging Lamps

Who ever said that a bedside lamp had to be directly by your bed’s side? Try flipping the concept on it’s head….or rather….onto the ceiling with a dramatic hanging bedside lamp instead. Form simple and industrial, to more classic and exotic, there are a lot of options to choose from.

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Bedside Lighting | Room Workshop

Wall Sconces

A sleek wall sconce placed at bedside level adds a great architectural component to your bedroom aesthetic. There are so many interesting and unique versions on the market these days, so finding on that fits your style shouldn’t be too hard.

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Bedside Lighting | Room Workshop

Table Lamps

The tried and true bedside table lamp is always a good call. With a variety of endless colors, shapes, styles and designs, it may get a bit overwhelming. When using a table lamp, we suggest keeping bedside table simple and keep the clutter to a minimum so that lamp can truly shine as a piece of decor on its own.

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Bedside Lighting | Room Workshop

Flexible Lamps

Considered the love-child of a wall sconce and hanging lamp, a flexible sconce offers functional versatility with style. Reading in bed never looked so good.

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