Quick Fix: Entryway Wallpaper

The entryway sets the tone for your home. It’s the first room everyone sees upon walking into your house and acts as a greeting for your guests.  We’ve found that many people struggle with how to truly convey personality, style and functionality into the area. One way to add a touch of color and visual interest is to apply a wallpaper.

No two entryways are created equal, so the question always is: What wallpaper should you choose for the foyer?

So today we’ve gathered a few quick tips to help you select the right wall coverings for your space.

Quick Fix: Entry Wallpaper | Room Workshop

The Long and Narrow
It’s a common misconception that you can’t use vivid patterns in a small space. In fact, a pattern on the walls can often help in expanding the appearance of a smaller room. By using graphic patterns you can help keep the eye moving up or straight, distracting from the tighter area.

TRY: Stripes or geometrics

Photo sources: Not My Beautiful Home, Southern Living, Pinterest

Quick Fix: Entry Wallpaper | Room Workshop

Bright and Airy
We believe that if your entryway is lucky enough to have a lot of natural light spilling in, then use it to your advantage. Keep the space light and bright with a toned down hue and a fun pattern.

TRY: Muted florals, wide stripes, neutral toile

Photo sources: Scottsdale Home Decor, Pinterest, Mix and Chic

Quick Fix: Entry Wallpaper | Room Workshop

Texturize It
Don’t be afraid to bring some playful design to the walls with an interesting textured paper. From woven grass cloth and fabrics, to shimmering finishes and hand painted patterns, there are so many options for a more dramatic look.

TRY: Brocade fabric, stamped patterns, and grass cloth

Photo sources: Fabrics and Papers, Pinterest, NY Times

Robyn Scott
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