Quick Fixes: Bringing Texture to Your Home

Designing the perfect space can be a finicky business – you’ve drawn your dream layout, planned your budget, and spent hours poring over color schemes. Every paint swatch is in place, and yet something seems to be missing. When style falls flat, texture comes to the rescue with quick fixes that guarantee every room has that perfect touch.


It’s as easy as a walk in the woods – bringing natural materials into your home lends a down to earth feel and keeps any room cozy and welcoming. Wood makes the perfect staple for a furniture piece, or brings an open feeling to a space with polished hardwood floors. For those with a flair for drama, mix in a faux fur throw or bear-skin rug for a living room with all the grandeur of a classic hunting lodge.


Who doesn’t like a little harmless indulgence? Bring all the fun of royal luxury into your home with rich silks and soft velvets that are as easy on the eyes as they are to the touch. Play with accents by mixing beaded and fabric cushions that add a pop of personality, or make a statement with a silk armchair or velvet couch. Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to splurge on that Persian rug – one or two pieces with a little glitter make for perfect quick fixes to bring a touch of opulence to your home.


There’s something about fabrics that carries a little nostalgia – the smell of leather, delicate lace, that old denim jacket you still have from high-school. Bringing those textures into your home adds a personal story to your style, and what’s better than design that really brings out what you love? Mix that leather divan with corduroy pillows, or add a touch of shabby chic with lace curtains and french doors. The best part – vintage textures open up a world of possibilities with repurposed pallets, leather trunks, vintage floral papers for a mix of materials that reminds us why everything old is new again.


Exposed brick, Edison bulbs, pane glass windows – industrial style is the new celebrity in our Pinterest boards. The mix of textures makes for the perfect balance of edgy and classic, and offers an endless supply of design inspiration. For the truly obsessed, a brick accent wall or full skylight sets a bold utilitarian tone for a room. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate the trend, play with brass lighting fixtures or a concrete coffee table for industrial elements that pair perfectly with any style in your home.

Texture is key to designing your perfect space – mixing materials keeps any room interesting, and with everything from silks to wood to steel, it’s easy to let your personality shine through. Turn to textiles as quick fixes to any design problem, for a home that always stays inspired.

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