Reminisce to Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Home is a feeling, and finding the perfect color scheme brings that feeling right to your fingertips. Reminiscence breathes texture – old leather, book spines, soft ocean breezes. Let Pantone Home Palettes 2017 fill your home with every sensation in a style that’s perfectly unique to you.

Classic style is at the heart of this palette, and nothing brings back the good old days like the feel of worn leather. Start with a leather couch in timeless Sepia Tint, or go bold with a retro Martini Olive leather armchair. The vintage style makes the perfect fit for a living room or office, so complete the look with a solid wood bookcase stacked with all your favorite classics.


Fall in love all over again with the soft, gentle tones of Reminiscence. The lighter shades call to mind smooth waves and fluffy clouds, making it the perfect style for the bedroom. A down bedspread in Bird’s Egg Green keeps the room feeling bright and open, while a Rattan side table and Maritime Blue throw pillows tie the look together. The delicate textures make the perfect pairing to take you on a lover’s walk down memory lane.


As balanced as the earth itself, this structured color scheme from Pantone Home Palettes 2017 offers the perfect array for an even, earthy style. Hardwood shelving in Sepia builds the foundation of the look, while a Maritime Blue sofa keeps the rustic feel. Contrast with throw pillows and vibrant rugs in pale blue and green for style that’s as lively as it is down to earth.


Bring a little sunshine into your life with everything Pantone Home Palettes 2017 has to offer. The vibrant, pale tones of Reminiscence make the perfect ensemble for a kitchen that sparkles with light. Start with a vintage wicker table set for a whimsical feel, and compliment with ceramic dishware in light blues and yellows. Play with the world of texture with a blown glassware set, and ensure the kitchen stays the heart of the home.

16613397 - kitchen with creamy shelves and white walls

Aye aye Captain – Reminiscence delivers again with unique maritime flair. Hit the deck with solid Sepia hardwood floors, and sweep yourself away with Maritime Blue bedding and pillows. Linens and accessories in Bird’s Egg Green bring a breath of fresh air, while a yellow bedside lamp lets the sun shine through. Finish off the look with an anchor decal, or get crafty with your own mantlepiece ship in a bottle.


It’s our biggest challenge – we hate to choose! The traditional, balanced nature of Reminiscence makes it the perfect palette for those who can never pick just one style. Let the neutrals build your base – vintage Sepia leather couches and Rattan wicker pave the way for memory lane. Accessorize with rugs in Maritime Blue and Martini Olive, and finish off with bright pillows in red and yellow. Leather chairs, wood shelves, soft silk pillows – mix and match your textures for timeless style in colors that are sure to make you Reminisce.

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