Surprising New Combinations of Color and Texture Make Acquired Taste Accessible

Trust us, we know – choosing colors can be one of the most frustrating parts of designing your home. You want something elegant, tasteful, and on-trend, without looking like you’ve staged a catalogue photoshoot. So how do you find that perfect palette that just shouts “that’s me!”? Pantone Home Palettes 2017 has your answer. Let your passion for everything unique stand out with Acquired Taste – and hey, with a few tips, it’s easy to make your style something everyone can love.


Go Back to Basics
Acquired Taste is all about flavor, so why not head back to the place it all started? Your kitchen is the perfect spot to start off this palette – Orange Chiffon and Brandied Melon make your mouth water with exciting color combinations. Play with taste by indulging in a new dinnerware set, or accent your ceramics by adding plated cutlery in Pale Gold. If you’re feeling truly daring, experiment with incorporating glitter and metallic elements into your cabinets and tables for a kitchen that’s anything but ordinary.


Add a Little Spirit
Inspired by artisanal spirits and craft beers, Acquired Taste is everything vibrant. So why let it stop there? Bring inspiration to life with a home bar that adds a little glitter to your design. We love the kitchen island bar – warm woods and berry accents blend with the exciting texture of metallic gold for a home that just begs you to host parties even Gatsby would envy.

(Not ready to commit to a full bar island? Try a bar cart! All the glitter of a built-in piece, but easy to roll out of the way when kids come to visit.)

Dine Like a Queen
The rumors are true – the formal dining room is back, and what better place than your own table to show us your Acquired Taste? Let this palette run wild with warm reds and oranges that set the mood for an evening of indulgence. The soft neutral of Dove Grey offers a perfect base color for the room, while bold Mulberry keeps your dining area awake and exciting. At the heart of this palette is texture, so play with heavy wood furniture and bright metallic lighting. We’re obsessed with dining rooms that stand out, and Acquired Taste knows how to set your style apart from the crowd.


Your home is your haven, the space that’s all about you – so don’t get caught up designing your home to suit anyone else. This year, Pantone Home Palettes 2017 are all about you. Acquired Taste mixes elegant colors and bold textures for a palette that’s uniquely you – so let your style flag fly and design away, baby.


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