The Process

Working with Room Workshop is a collaborative process. Your custom room design will best match your expectation when following the steps outlined in our process below.



We communicate with you primarily through email.
We love FaceTime too. It helps us get to know you!


Two phone meetings are included. The first is at the beginning of the process and the second phone call is at the end of the process to review your design schemes.

In Person

If you live within a 60 mile radius of our Aspen location, we offer two in person meetings in place of the phone meetings.

Join our Design Coaching Club for extra help!

Step by Step

Your Role

Select a Room

Select the room you want us to design. Let us know your target furnishings budget.


Fill out our detailed questionnaire so we can start getting to know each other.


Take photos of your room including any special details.Make sure to include:• Doors and door hardware• Built-in cabinetry and hardware• Baseboards and wood trim for windows and doors• Exterior architecture and interior architectural details throughout• Existing furniture and/or art with dimensions that you want us to incorporate into the design.


Measure your room and draw us a floor plan and elevations with dimensions.


RWS will share a custom Pinterest Board specific to your room. When you receive the link, Share your inspiration photos so we know what you like and what you don’t. Approximately 5 to 10 images.


Send everything to us via email or post.

Our Role

Phone Call

We set up an initial welcome phone call to go over the process - expect approximately 15 minutes.

Brain Storm

We review the information you have provided us in “your part” and we begin gathering ideas for your personalized room design. The 4-6 week design process starts after we receive all of the information from you.


We begin email communication in order to get feedback with you as we start putting together your design schemes.


We create and deliver an online package with two complete room design schemes for you.

Action Plan

We create a comprehensive project action item list for you to follow in order to execute the design.

Shopping List

We create a detailed shopping list with a website link for each item. You can take it to the actual store or easily click on the link to purchase the item.

Coaching Club

As you are implementing the design, join our Coaching Club for more tips and help along the way.

We pull together your ideas and style to create
a unique hand-selected design package.