How to guide

How to measure your room

Step #1

Draw a Floor Plan of your room. Label each wall North, East, South and West. Measure the overall length and width of your room in feet and inches (e.g. 21’ 3”).


Step #2

Measure the height and width of each wall and draw a diagram labeling measurements in feet and inches. Let us know which wall it is – N, S, E or W.


Step #3

Add location of any wall features such as doors, windows, shifts in the wall, etc.


Step #4

Did you miss anything? Add other key features and their locations now by measuring from the floor to the base of the item and then measure the item – e.g. sconces, vents, electrical outlets, wainscoting, etc.


How to photograph your room

Step #1

Take a photo of each wall + two overall room shots and don’t forget to get a photo of the ceiling!


Step #2

Photograph any architectural details

  • Doors and door hardware
  • Cabinetry and hardware
  • Baseboards and trim
  • Exterior architecture
  • Interior details throughout

How to photograph furniture and artwork

Step #1

Take a photo of each piece – front, back and other angles as needed.


Step #2

Measure each item and include the following.

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth

How to send us images & inspiration

Step #1

We need about 5 to 10 inspiration photos – tell us what you like or dislike about each image.


Step #2

Images can be from magazines or from our favorite online sources like or where you can create ideabooks to share with us.