What you Get

Sample Design Drawings

Scaled floor plans and Elevations showing detailed furniture arrangement.

Megan Bedroom_Floorplan
East Elevation
Megan Bedroom_Floorplan
North Elevation
Megan Bedroom_Floorplan
West Elevation
Megan Bedroom_Floorplan
Floor Plan

Sample Digital Room Presentation

Your Room Design Plan

Two complete schemes in a digital 11 x 17 presentation displaying all of the specified items so you can see how it all works together including:

  • Built-in fireplace concepts – As needed we provide the concept and the sketch so you can work with your contractor to execute the design.
  • Kitchen and Bath Designs – You will receive two complete schemes displaying cabinet style, cabinet door hardware, plumbing fixtures, appliances, wall material, backsplash material, countertop material, lighting fixtures, ceiling treatment, and furniture selections.
  • Flexibility – Furniture from each scheme can be mixed and matched – just in case you don’t like one of the selections.
Megan Bedroom_Scheme-A
Room Scheme A
Megan Bedroom_Scheme-B
Room Scheme B

Sample Shopping List with Action Plan

Action Plan

A detailed list to help you through the design process.

Shopping List

Where to purchase each item and the price.
Shopping list includes where to purchase our recommendations and a budget for those items: furnishings, tile, stone, plumbing, appliances or what is included in your particular room.

Kitchens and bathroom designs have the option of having your contractor get bids for the fixtures such as cabinet door hardware, plumbing fixtures, tile and stone, and any other items that are fixed to your home.

For construction related items we provide you with an estimated cost of the design and you work with your contractor on the actual cost and supplier. i.e. a beam layout for your ceiling.

Megan Room_Specification Scheme A
Sample Shopping List

A Professionally Designed Room

A detailed list to help you through the design process

Megan’s Finished Room

Add On Services

Room Workshop not only offers specific Room Design, we also can provide design services for specific elements of your home or remodel project. Some features are:

3-D Drawings include a digital room view of your new space with all furniture and design elements in place. This is a great way to “see” before you “buy”.

3-D drawing of a Kitchen Remodel

Art Packages include a personalized curated fine art package to match your style for a specific room.

Art Package Matrix

Fireplace Design Package is a custom drawing and specification for a fireplace. These can be tedious and time consuming for someone not familiar with a complete fireplace remodel so we like to offer this as an additional service.

Scaled Custom Fireplace Elevation

Custom Cabinet and Custom Furniture packages are drawings and material specifications and coordination with cabinet makers and furniture builders to match your design style and strict attention to detail.

Scaled Custom Cabinet Elevation

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