Why We Hug It Forward

At Room Workshop, we’re strong believers in giving back to the community and there’s no better fit for us than Hug It Forward.

Hug It Forward is a grassroots organization that facilitates education and awareness by empowering communities in Latin America to build “bottle schools”. As a designer with a passion for architecture, I fell in love with this cause. This organization enables children to attend a real school and acquire an education they might not ever have otherwise, all made possible with sustainable architecture.

little kid


building-a-bottle-wallIn an effort to clean up the communities as well as create eco-friendly structures, the schools are built using “eco-bricks.” First, plastic bottles are stuffed with plastic bags and other trash for a for of insulation. Next, the bottles are enclosed with chicken wire and the foundation, walls and beams are built with concrete and rebar.

Not only are these buildings much cheaper than traditional methods, they teach communities the importance of sustainability and since everyone is involved in the construction, create a strong sense of pride and value. Since schools often aren’t considered necessary in rural communities, this is incredibly important. To learn more about why bottle schools can be so valuable, have a look at this.

Rather than simply giving community’s a certain amount of cash or product, Hug It Forward is all about empowerment. As the organization states, “Hug It Forward doesn’t build bottle schools: communities do.”

Charity organizations must walk a fine line. Helping community’s in a way that the locals are left feeling proud rather than humbled for accepting support is a difficult task, yet Hug It Forward accomplishes this with grace.

If you’re as impressed with this organization as we are, look into helping out. Hug It Forward continues to benefit communities like few other organizations and because of this, we’ll be supporting them for some time to come.




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